British Stanton Flintlock Named Officer Pistol from Napoleonic War

Item Description

Original Item: Only one available. A most interesting Flintlock Pistol dating from about 1760 by the Maker STANTON of London. This pistol features an early 18th century style flintlock mechanism with no bridle on the frizzen/flash pan. The crisp Brass Barrel is marked "LONDON" with correct proof marks of the period. All Brass furniture, including butt cap, escutcheon, trigger guard, side plate and ramrod pipes and a decorative silver wire inlay around barrel tang denoting a pistol of quality. Completely untouched: in fine condition.

The most interesting aspect of this weapon is that the butt cap bears the engraving- "LIEUT. D. GREGORY, 45TH. REGT., presumably a family weapon taken into service as a personal sidearm, which was common for the era.

Research tells us that DAVID GREGORY enlisted in the 45th regiment on April 17th 1798, and was promoted to Lieutenant on September 25th of the same year. He was then promoted to Captain on January 24th 1805 whilst joining the York Light Infantry Volunteers and returned to the 45TH Regiment as a Captain on January 24th 1805 after a one-year tour. He was promoted to Major on June 4th 1813 and finally put on half pay prior to retirement in 1814 due to wounds received in the peninsular campaign.

GREGORY spent most of his service after 1808 with Wellington in the Peninsular (Portugal and Spain) fighting the French, in fact his career seems very similar although somewhat shorter to that of Lieutenant Sharpe of the 95th Regiment made so famous in the "Sharpe Series" of Bernard Cornwell (highly recommended reading!).

So here is a perfectly honest family named Flintlock Pistol dating from about 1760, bearing the name of a young Lieutenant, no doubt a gift from his Father upon attaining his Commission, that almost certainly was carried throughout his service career including some of the most famous engagements of the Napoleonic wars, specifically the Battle of BADAJOZ in 1812 when the 45th Regiment captured the French Colors and Gregory was badly wounded. Also included is an Internet research report of the History of the 45TH Regiment. This is an extremely interesting pistol that saw real service that can be confirmed.

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