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British SMLE Rifle Mk III, One Only

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Item Description

Original Item:  Manufactured during The Great War manufacture at RSAF Enfield.  A genuine Enfield Enfield.  Originally manufactured as a Mk III* without a magazine cutoff, a few of these III* rifles were converted to original Mk III configuration by machining a slot for a cutoff and fitting a cutoff to the rifle.  At the same time, the * was cancelled by putting two lines through it.  Reverse converted Mk III* rifles are unusual and scarce.

Bolt, receiver, and nosecap have the same serial number, and the nosecap has the rare lightened bayonet boss.  This machining is only visible when the nosecap is removed.  Also, this rifle has the lightened butt stock, which is only evident when the butt plate is removed.  Meticulously cleaned to museum standards.  There are two deliberate notches cut underneath the fore stock. 


            Bolt number matches

            Nose cap number matches.

            Forestock number matches

            Barrel number matches

            Bolt has correct button cocking knob

            No magazine number

            No. 4 magazine

            Lightened nosecap bayonet boss (early Mk III?rare)

            Lightened butt stock (early Mk III?rare)

            Brass stock disk

            Stacking swivel (SCARCE)

            Stock Length:  Normal 

            Upper and lower handguards are complete, not cut

Condition:  Wood, very good plus;  Metal, very good.

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