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British SMLE .22 Patt. 1914 No. 1 Rifle, One Only

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Original Item:  This rifle has a very long history, starting out as a (long) Lee Enfield Mk I in 1896.  In 1905 it was converted at RSAF Enfield to the new SMLE configuration and redesignated Rifle, Short, Magazine, Lee-Enfield Converted Mark II, and was marked SMLE Cond. II.  Later, probably in 1914, it was converted by the famous manufacturer of high-grade English sporting arms, A.G. Parker & Co., Ltd, Birmingham, into a .22 caliber training rifle.  The original barrel was retained but relined.  The magazine is a No. 3 type, marked .22 on the right side.  Magazines on the .22 trainers were only used to catch empty cases, and had the follower and the spring removed. 

The original remarkable SMLE Mk I rear sight is still present.  It has an operating windgage and a coarse and fine elevation adjustment.  It appears to have horn elevation buttons.  The original butt stock with lightening holes and early style sling swivel.  The rifle has a complete set of volley sights.  The rifle in general is lavishly marked, including a faint ?R M Enfield? cartouche on the stock.

The rarest feature of the rifle is the special rear volley aperture sight.  It has graduations on its exterior side.  These graduations are designed to be used with the ?Sight, Auxiliary, Aperture, Mark I.?  The purpose of the Auxiliary Sight is described in LoC Paragraph 18981:

The auxiliary aperture sight, when fitted to Rifles, Short, .22-inch, R.F., in place of the existing aperture sight, approximates the system of sighting to that of Rifles, Magazine, .303-inch, Pattern 1914, for training purposes.

In other words, the graduations on the aperture volley sight allow the use of the clamp-on Auxiliary Sight Mk I so that this SMLE-pattern rifle may be used to train personnel to use the non-SMLE, Mauser-style, Pattern 1914 rifle.  The Pattern 1914 was adopted by the U.S. in 1917 as the M1917 rifle in cal. .30-?06.  (See Ian Skennerton, The Lee-Enfield, 2007 Edition, page 285.)

A NOTE ON ?SMLE?:  A great deal of confusion has resulted from various misunderstandings of ?Short Magazine Lee-Enfield,? or SMLE.   The correct designation is ?Rifle, Short, Magazine, Lee-Enfield.?  This meant that the new rifle was shorter than the previous long rifle, that it was fed by a magazine, and that it was based on the Lee-Enfield system.  It does not mean that the magazine is short.  Includes original correct bayonet.


            Bolt number matches

            Rear sight has operating windgage

            Rear sight has fine elevation adjustment

            Nose cap number matches.

            Modified No. 3 magazine marked .22

Lightened butt stock, VERY RARE

            Stock Length:  Normal

            Upper and lower handguards are complete, not cut

            Marking on butt stock

            Brass stock disk.

            Faint cartouche on butt stock (VERY RARE)

Condition:  Wood, very good;  Metal, very good.

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