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British P-1841 Smooth-Bored Brunswick Rifle: Cleaned & Complete

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Original Item: The British Brunswick Rifle with back action lock was officially adopted in 1837 with a 36" barrel incorporating two groove rifling for a belted ball. Trials continued to experiment with multiple grooved rifling and eventually, in 1841, a smooth-bore version was experimentally developed. In effect, an inane trial in that the whole point of the adoption of the Brunswick was the increased accuracy of a rifled barrel. (Conceivably these trials were for comparison purposes of accuracy and rate of fire). The "manufactured" smooth Brunswicks were soon abandoned and now are only a footnote to military firearms history. Now from our Royal Nepalese Army purchase we have discovered a very limited number of these manufactured smooth-bore Brunswicks. Conforming to standard Brunswick Rifles dimensions these were made without the traditional brass patchbox in the butt, making them very distinctive. Fullstocked with a substantial sword bayonet bar on the right side of the barrel. Showing only Gurkha regimental marking poses the question of how these European quality weapons ended up in Nepal. This is a rare opportunity to add an important stepping stone in military firearms development to any collection.

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