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British No. 4 Mk. 2 Enfield Rifle, One Only

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Original Item:  In the original Mk I and I* versions of the No. 4 rifle and all Lee rifles, going back to the Rifle, Magazine, Lee-Metford (MLM) in the late 1880s, the trigger was mounted to the trigger guard assembly, which was screwed against the forestock wood.  As a result, climatic factors caused swelling and shrinkage of the forestock, which affected the let-off pressure of the trigger, and this had a negative effect on accuracy.

During the Second World War, a great deal off attention was given to this issue, and a fix was determined.  After all the designs and experimentation, the fix was elegantly simple.  The new No. 4 rifles mounted the trigger to the fore side of the butt socket, so that trigger, sear, and bolt assembly all had steel-to-steel connections.  This modification resulted in a change in nomenclature to No. 4 Mk 2.

This sample is unissued.  All numbers match:  receiver, bolt, forestock, magazine, No. 9 Mk I bayonet, and bayonet scabbard.  The rear sight is the same as the early folding leaf No. 4 Mk 1 sight, graduated out to 1300 meters.  The battle sight peep is machined to very effectively eliminate reflection back into the shooter?s eye. Includes No. 9 Mk 1 bayonet, numbered to the gun, No. 5 scabbard (correct for this bayonet model), numbered to the gun.


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