British Lewis LMG Return Spring Assembly: BSA Marked

Item Description

Original Item: The distinctive profile of the Lewis Light Machine Gun is due in part to its return spring, which is a spiral spring such as one finds in clocks, unlike guns that use coil springs. This return spring is housed in a semicircular housing that projects below the receiver. The assembly consists of the spring itself, the return spring casing, and the return spring hub. Our return spring assemblies are supplied in an original screw-top steel case. Three versions of the spring are available: Grade 1, which shows some use; Special Select, which appear to have little or no use; and BSA manufacture, which show the BSA logo of stacked Martini-Henry rifles with fixed bayonets. All springs, whether Select, BSA, or Grade 1, have screw-top steel cases of the same used condition.

Note on Lewis Return Springs

This spring has been inspected to make sure it is not broken. A break shows up as a fine radial line on the edge of the spring, and sometimes the angle of the spring changes at the break point. If a break is present in spite of our inspection, return the spring as soon as possible. You have 5 days from date of receipt to notify I.M.A. The photographs show the spring disassembled for your information, but IMA recommends strongly that you do not disassemble the spring from its hub and casing.

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