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British L59A1 Drill Rifle, One Only

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Item Description

Original Item:  After WW2, some No. 4 Enfields were converted to nonfiring Drill Purpose rifles and were issued a new model number in line with the L-based numbering scheme.  The converted No. 4 rifles became the L59A1 series.  This sample was converted from an extremely early Stevens rifle, originally in the No. 4 Mk I configuration rather than the Mk I* configuration.  Almost all of the Stevens production was in the Mk I* form.

This rifle has a white band painted around the buttstock with DP marked on both sides.  It also has a white band around the forestock and handguard.  Other modifications include a port cut through the forestock, rear handguard and barrel on the left side giving a view into the barrel.  A cut into the left rear of the receiver reveals the seating of one of the bolt lugs, and various other small machining operations have been performed as part of the conversion process.  The magazine is numbered to the rifle, but has no follower or spring.  The bolt number also matches, and it is possible that the forestock number may match.

Most of the L59A1 rifles that have been available to collectors have been in very poor condition.  This sample is exceptional, the metal and wood both being in the very good to excellent range.  The L59A1 makes an excellent  demonstration rifle by having ?windows? cut into various action parts.

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