British Flintlock Blunderbuss by H.W. Mortimer of London Circa 1810

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. H.W. Mortimer is considered to be one of England's most renowned gun makers from the late 18th century. Mortimer's outstanding work gained him Royal Patronage and the right to sign his weapons "Gun Maker to his Majesty" (At the time of good King George III).

This spectacular Blunderbuss is of really robust proportions being 37 1/2" overall with a 22" heavy steel barrel. This Massive barrel opens to almost a 1 3/4" bore at the muzzle and the sides of the barrel at the muzzle are an amazing 1/4" thick making the whole span measure 2 1/4" across. An extremely intimidating sight for any adversary!

The Blunderbuss is brass mounted with butt plate trigger guard and three ramrod pipes as well as a decorated triangular side plate. There is also a brass oval escutcheon plate.

The lock has a roller fitted to the frizzen spring and has a very elegant swan necked cock. The lock is engraved "H.W. Mortimer" and on the other side of the weapon, on the brass side plate, is engraved the address "89 Fleet Street". On the top of the very heavy steel barrel that bears London Proof Marks is an inlaid gold inscription reading; "H.W. MORTIMER -LONDON. GUN MAKER TO HIS MAJESTY"

This Blunderbuss comes complete with the original steel ramrod and two original sling swivels. One of the most endearing features is the silver, probably sterling silver, front-sight with star shaped arms extending across the barrel, a sign of great quality. This is a truly outstanding Blunderbuss by a truly outstanding Maker all original offered in excellent condition, save a couple of very old minor wood cracks near the muzzle.

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