British Brown Bess Black Sea Service Musket with Grenade Cup Circa 1800

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Original Item: Only One Available. During the Napoleonic "emergency" at the close of the 18th century Britain realized that it was in serious danger of facing a French invasion. Needless to say it was found that stocks of small arms, muskets and the like had fallen to unacceptable levels and an Emergency Program was introduced.

This program required the immediate production of thousands of Flintlock Muskets for issue to Military and Militia units in order to repel any attempted French landings. The urgency allowed manufacturers to use old obsolete elements in these Muskets pressing whatever was available into service, the essence being speed of production. These Emergency Muskets were apparently referred to as "Black Sea Service" Muskets and perhaps were even issued with black painted stocks. As it happened Admiral Nelson destroyed the combined French and Spanish Fleets at The Battle of Trafalgar in 1804 so the feared invasion never took place.

This Flintlock Musket is a standard Brown Bess. but is fitted with only a 37" barrel with visible remains of British Proof marks. Most interestingly the ramrod pipes used are the very early large-hole variety used with Wooden Ramrods circa 1735. The Swan neck cock lock is marked with "Crown" over "G.R." and is marked "Dover Castle" across the tail. A new made replacement brass tipped wooden ramrod has now been installed.

Most interestingly this musket comes with a Grenade Cup bearing the "Fouled Anchor" engraving over "V/16". These grenade cups were intended to shoot flammable projectiles into the sails and rigging of opposing ships. The trigger guard has an extra screw in front of the sling swivel but this was a later repair.

In all a very interesting Emergency Pattern "Black Sea Service" Musket named to one of England's best known fortifications and fitted with an original Grenade Cup.

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