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British Bren Display LMG Mark 1(M): Super Rare First Model w/ Double Slot Receiver

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Original Item: Super Rare, only 5 examples available! Included in our final Shipment of Bren Gun Parts Sets from England we found, thanks to one of our "switched on" customers, that a very small number of these amazingly rare "double slot" models were included. The First Bren was produced on September 3rd 1937 but it took almost two years for adequate supplies to reach the British Army. Then in the summer of 1940 came Dunkirk and the British left great quantities of material behind in France. On August 1st 1940 the Army decided to "simplify" the Bren Design as a wartime expediency, in order to hasten production, first to Mk 1 Star and finally to Mk 2 status specifications. The Original Mark 1 Bren (1937-1940) was equipped with various over-engineered modifications that were promptly done away with once war started. First and foremost of these ?time savers? was the elimination of the "Second Dovetail Slot" on the left side of the receiver intended for use with the complicated Plessy fixed "Dial" Sight for sustained fire or for use with the experimental Bren #32 Mk1 Sniper Telescopic Sight, which was never adopted. These early "Double Dovetail Slot Receivers" are extremely hard to find, it appears we got 8 examples in 600 weapons. Now rebuilt as DISPLAY GUNS these are fitted with Mark 1 Bren Barrels and the remainder of the Gun is of the Mark 1 Star variety. Super rare and totally unexpected!

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