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Australian SMLE Mk III Sniper Rifle, One Only

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Item Description

Original Item:  At the beginning of  the second World War, Australia, which was part off the British Commonwealth, immediately declared war on Germany and its allies.  Australia had no organized sniper organization at the time, but adapted peacetime competitive shooting equipment to the war requirements. Thus, Australian SMLEs that had been used in competitive shooting were assigned to the sniper role.  These rifles had been modified to include a heavy barrel, which in most case did not require the inner barrel band.  The original metallic sights for competitive shooting now became the sniper rifle sights.  These sights took a variety of forms, the only requirement having been that the competition sight offered fine adjustments for windgage and elevation.  In many cases, the left-hand side of the forestock near the butt socket was relieved to allow the metallic sights to be installed.  This rifle has the heavy barrel and relieved forestock used on the earliest of the Australian sniper rifles. The stepped barrel can be seen in the photo with the nose cap removed Includes a correct iron competition-style sight used on heavy-barrel rifles designated for sniper use.  This sight consists of a base marked ?AGA Bisley Works? and the sight assembly proper with a large B.S.A logo of stacked Martini-Henry rifles.  The sight provides for extremely fine adjustments, along with adjustable zeroing plates for individualized zeroes. The sight folds into a flat package along the left side of the receiver when not in use.  Note: RARE: Stock relieved in front of safety spring for sniping sight!  Much good marking on butt stock.  Includes original correct leather sling.


            Heavy barrel for sniping

            Bolt number matches

            Bolt has correct button cocking knob

            Rear sight has operating windgage

            No magazine number

Magazine cutoff

            Lightened rear sight protectors.

            Stacking swivel (SCARCE)

            Upper and lower handguards are complete, not cut

            Good markings on butt stock

            Long-Range (volley) rear sight

            Long-Range (volley) fore sight complete

Condition:  Wood, excellent;  Metal, excellent.


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