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Airsoft D-Boys Mauser K98 Rifle w/ Wood Stock (GAS Powered): German WW2 Rifle

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Item Description

New Made Item: This is a gas powered rifle (Requires Green Gas, available separately) that shoots a .20 gram plastic BB at 310-330 fps (Feet per Second). This Model from D-boys recreates the look and feel of the original design with a metal action and wood stock. Pull the bolt back and slam it forward to load a shell, then pull the bolt back and the shell ejects just like the real German WW2 version. This is a must have for collectors!

The Mauser company, established by the two Mauser brothers, established its reputation in firearms making in the last decades of the XIX century, and continued to build very well thought-out and skillfully built firearms until the end of the World War 2. Some years after the WW2, the Mauser company was restored in West Germany and continued to build firearms, but mostly larger-caliber ones, like the aircraft cannons etc. But the earlier Mauser works became the standard against which all other designs are judged, even some 100 years after its introduction. One such design, is undoubtedly the Mauser model 1898 rifle, also known as Gew. 98 or simply G98 (G = Gewehr, rifle in German). This rifle was designed from the experience, gained on previous Mauser designs, and was first introduced in 1898 as the standard German army infantry rifle. It was carried by Germans through the First World war, along with carbine (shortened) version, known as K98 (or Kar-98, from Karbiner = carbine). The 98k is widely considered the finest general infantry rifle ever developed.

D-boys K98 Features:

• Model# DBOY1101W
• Full Metal and Wood Construction
• Accurate Replica very close in weight and feel to an original
• Adjustable hop-up
• Working Safety
• 5 Reusable Shells
• Velocity 300-330 fps (0.2 g BB)
• Requires Green Gas to Operate (available separately)
• Package Includes: Gun, 5 Shells, Manual

Made in China. All Chinese manufactured Airsoft products are tested by IMA before shipment to assure of proper function. If the Airsoft gun is used then all sales are final. Repeat: no returns if used. No warranty available on Chinese made Airsoft products.

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