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Airsoft AGM Sten MKII AEG: British WW2 SMG

Item Description

New Made Item: This is an all metal AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) that shoots .20 gram Plastic BBs at over 310 fps (feet per second). This model made by AGM is a very accurate replica and is constructed entirely of metal. The weight and feel are very close to the original WW2 version.

Used extensively by the British and Commonwealth forces throughout World War II and the Korean War, the Sten (or Sten Gun) is a family of British 9mm submachine guns. Designed in 1940 by Major Reginald V. Shepherd, and Harold J. Turpin, over 4 million variants of the Sten were manufactured. The name STEN is actually an acronym derived from the names of the chief weapons designers; Major Reginald Sherpherd and Harold Turpin, and EN for Enfield. The AGM AEG replica is based off the most prolifically used Versions of the Sten gun, with over 2 million units produced, the Sten Mk. II. Just like on the real steel Mk II, the AGM Sten Mk II features a special switch which allows the magazine housing to be rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise allowing the gun to lie flat on its side. The barrel sleeve of the Sten Mk II features 3 holes equally spaced at regular intervals on the shroud, and uses a Strut Type stock. Although it may look a bit awkward, the AGM Sten Mk II is surprisingly comfortable, and just like the real steel Sten the AGM replicates, is made completely from steel.

The famous WW2 British Mk II Sten Machine Carbine (submachine gun) was so impressive that the Germans produced their very own copies of the gun during

WW2. Otto Skorzeny, the very effective head of the German Special Operations troops, tried to get permission to arm his men with the silenced version of the Sten, but was turned down because,

in true German fashion, the gun was simply "Not German". IMA offers numerous Sten accessories, including slings, bandoleers, carriers, a bayonet, a dummy replica Sten silencer and a hand protector.


FULLY Automatic Shooting Mode.

Full Metal Construction.

Magazine accommodates 50 Rounds of 6mm plastic BBs.

310FPS muzzle power out of the box.

Includes 7.4V Li-Po Rechargeable Battery which stores away inside body of AEG.

Includes Fast Charger ((12V input / 100-240V US type Standard Plug).

Length 740mm

Hop-up Adjustable

Shooting Mode Fully-Automatic

Blow Back No

AEG Power Source Up to 7.4V (Li-Po)

Fit Battery Pack Mini / Handguard (Nickel / Li-Po)

Magazine Capacity 50 Rounds

Bullet Type 6mm BB

Power (Muzzle Velocity) 310FPS

Package Includes

* AGM Sten Mk-II Airsoft Electric SMG (058)

* 50 Rounds Magazine

* 7.4V Li-Po Battery

* Charger (12V input / 100-240V)

* BB Loader


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