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Original Japanese WWII 1st Pattern Folding Bayonet & Nose Cap for Type 44 Cavalry Carbine

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Original Item: Only One Item Available. This is a somewhat rare Japanese WWII Issue bayonet & nose cap assembly, and the first that we have had the pleasure of handling. It is folding bayonet for the Japanese Type 44 Cavalry Rifle (四四式騎銃, Yonyon-shiki kijū/Yonjūyon-shiki kijū), often referred to as a Type 44 Carbine.  Folding bayonets have been tried by several countries, often with limited success.

This example is in very good condition, with a lot of the original blued finish. It still folds up correctly, and has the correct hook on the right hand side. It us unmarked except for 826 on the underside near the latch, with some illegible characters. There were three patterns of these rifles, each with a slightly different nose cap, and this is the shorter 1st version. Later versions were longer in length, providing a stronger mounting that was more stable when shooting with the bayonet in the extended position.

Condition is very good, with overall wear and patination. The tip of the blade was reprofiled once, but it does not look to have altered the length of the blade.

A very nice example, ready to add to your collection!

Blade Length: 14"
Blade Style: Triangular with top fuller groove
Overall length: 18 3/4“
Crossguard: 2”

The Type 44 entered production in 1911 and entered service in 1912 (the 44th year of the Meiji period, hence "Type 44"), and served on until the end of the Second World War in 1945, production of the rifle ran until three years prior to the end of the Second World War; 1942. Approximately 91,900 Type 44 rifles were produced by Japanese arsenals during these years. Although it was intended for cavalry troops, many other units such as transportation units were issued these carbines and some cavalry troops continued to use the Type 38 carbine.

After the war, the Type 44 continued to be used by the Chinese People's Liberation Army and Navy. Many of them were seen in the Chinese Civil War and in the Korean War

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