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Napoleonic First French Empire Era Carabinier Officer Helmet with White Plume

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New Made Item: Top Quality Replica. It was by a decree dated 24 December 1809 that Napoleon I decided to provide cuirasses for the two regiments of Carabiniers. These were elite heavy cavalry regiments, dating from pre-1789, very similar to the British Dragoon Guards. They were the best, and took pride in their station and appearance.

The Carabinier in the first Imperial campaigns wore blue capes and bearskin busbies. These busbies were symbolic of the two regiments’ elite status but they were not very practical as they frequently fell off during combat, lacking as they did chinstraps, thereby exposing their owners to serious head injuries. The particular violence of the Austrian Campaign persuaded Napoleon that his Caribiniers needed helmets and cuirasses, which they wore for the campaigns during 1812-1815.

The helmet is “Greek-style”, and offered in a wearable head size of up to approximately 7 1/2. The domed part (or “bombe” in French) of the helmet is made from brass, ending in a nape cover (“couvre-nuque” in French). The crest (“cimier” in French) is made of brass stamped with palmettes, the whole topped with a white horsehair plume. The front part of the helmet is decorated with a triangular silvered metal plate. The front has full leather backed brass chin scales attached, held in place by starbursts.

Adjustable full leather liner to the interior make this a ready to wear Military Trophy for your display!

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