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British EIC P-1841 Sappers and Miners Sword Bayonet - Model E

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New Made Item: This is an all steel high quality reproduction of the very rare Sappers and Miners bayonet. Copied directly from an original in the IMA collection, this bayonet was designed to fit a British Sappers and Miners Carbine however it also fits all the EIC pattern muskets with a .75 bore and the "Hanovarian" style E pattern bayonet spring catch. Sometimes referred to as a P-1841 Sword Bayonet it has a formidable knuckle guard and a 22 blade making this a very intimidation addition to your East India Company musket.

This is one of the most impressive and important bayonets of the British Victorian era!

Note: This theoretically will fit some earlier patterns without the bayonet catch.

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