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British Issue Gun Pull Through, Single, Mk IV: Brass

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Original Item: The standard bore cleaning tool for rifles and machine guns in Great Britain for the better part of a century was a cord pull-through with a brass or steel weight on one end and a series of three loops woven into the other end. Machine guns were supplied with both the Mk 4A single-length pull-through and the double-length Mk 1A. The buttstocks of all SMLE (No. 1) and No. 4 rifles were provided with two cylindrical drillings. The larger one gives access to the butt screw and provides stowage space for either the brass Mk 4 or plastic Mk 5 oiler and for the pull-through cord. The pull-through weight is provided with its own stowage in a small drilling next to the main drilling. In addition to the No. 1 and No. 4 rifles, the single pull-though Mk 4A was also issued for use with the Bren and Lewis light machine guns, the Vickers medium machine gun, and the family of Sten machine carbines.

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