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Original U.S. Civil War Lot of Ten Artillery Fuzes of 5 and 10 Seconds & Sponge Cover

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Original Items. Only One Available. This is a tremendous Civil War Artillery group consisting of ten unopened/slightly torn open packs of artillery fuzes ranging from 5, 10, 12, 15, and 20 second fuzes. Three boxes have very clear labels for Frankford Arsenal, and are dated 1863. Another box has a very faint label reading 1863, and the other six boxes are unlabeled but some have second stamps below each fuze, with some packs containing different length fuzes.

The clear label boxes read FRANKFORD ARSENAL 1863 5/10 SECOND FUZES. To take a fuze from the package, tear the paper at top by raising the piece of tape, and press against the small end of the fuze with the finger.

The sponge cover is in great shape and reads U.S. 3 IN. RIFLE.

This is a phenomenal lot of ten boxes of fuzes that will fit well in any Civil War Collection. To find an unopened package from over 150 years ago is a feat in itself, so don’t miss out on this outstanding group!

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