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Original U.S. Civil War Federal 9-inch Dahlgren Smoothbore Naval Gun Projectile Shell

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Original Item: Only One Available. The IX-inch Dahlgren shell gun: 1,185 guns were cast at Alger, Bellona, Fort Pitt, Seyfert, McManus & Co., Tredegar, and West Point foundries between 1855 and 1864. Fort Pitt Foundry also made 16 for the army in 1861. The IX-inch Dahlgren was the most popular and versatile of Dahlgren shell guns made. The IX-inch guns served as broadside armament on larger ships such as USS Susquehanna, which carried 12 IX-inch Dahlgren guns in broadside mounts in addition to her two pivot guns and USS Powhatan which carried 10 IX-inch guns in broadside mounts in addition to her two XI-inch Dahlgren pivot guns. These broadside guns would normally be mounted on a Marsilly carriage (see illustration). Smaller coastal blockade ships such as USS Fort Henry and USS Hunchback mounted IX-inch Dahlgrens on pivot mounts. IX-inch Dahlgrens were used on several river gunboats such as USS Essex and USS Benton. If mounted as either a pivot gun or a broadside gun the IX-inch Dahlgren had a crew of 16 and a powderman.

This is a very nice example of a 9-inch Dahlgren Smoothbore Naval Gun Shell that would have had a utilized a Boreman fuze.

DIAMETER: 8.8 inches
GUN:  9-inch Dahlgren Smoothbore
WEIGHT: 80+ pounds
SABOT:  Wooden Cup - Missing
FUZING: Bormann Time Fuze - Missing
The Bormann fuze was normally only used in case shot in these large caliber projectiles.
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