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British Colonial Enfield P-1853 Rifle and P-1864 Snider Rifle Brown Leather Sling

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New Made Item: A top quality reproduction of the British Colonial issue P1853 Enfield Muzzle Loading Rifle and Snider breech loading Rifle Brown Leather Sling. Of interesting design with a leather button being attached to the running keeper that attaches to a purpose installed strap with button hole secured about half way along the length of the sling. When buttoned the sling would be tight for drill purposes and would be unbuttoned for use in shooting or carrying the rifle over a shoulder. The butt end of the sling with standard leather thong securing attachment as found on later British Army issued slings used from the 1870s through WW2.

Here is one of our customer's best efforts in describing how to correctly attach this sling:

Hold both your hands out and lay the sling on them with the smooth side UP and the sewn-on loop on the left. Run the right (round end) end of the sling UP through the top sling swivel. Bring the end around and thread it through the sewn-on loop and continue it down to the lower sling swivel. Loop the end of the sling back through the swivel from back to front and tie the end to the body of the sling through the two sets of holes with the leather thong. I believe the knot should be facing the stock. When you are done, the smooth side is facing out. The button on the sewn loop and leather tab is used to fasten the sling in the carry position. You undo the button to adjust the sling tight.

Length: 46 1/2"

Width: 1 1/4"


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