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Original Martini-Henry Rifle and Snider Rifle Early Flat Top Brass Oil Bottle

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Original Item: Not before offered! These are original 19th Century Brass "Flat Head" Oil Bottles with screw top. Each is approximately 3 inches tall and 1 inch wide, however they are hand made and vary in size somewhat.

Initially issued with the Colonial Snider P-1864 Breach Loading .577cal Rifles and also issued with the early Martini-Henry Rifle. Substantial all brass construction with a flat head screw top and attached steel oiling blade. These were the fore-runner of the Long Nose all Brass Martini Oil Bottles which also utilized an oiling blade that were introduced in the late 1870s.

Quantities are very limited. These were extremely scarce as the Snider Rifle only saw Front Line Service for 5-7 years. Totally original 100 plus year old oil bottle with no visible markings; but the quality of manufacture indicates European, perhaps British, origin.

When choosing "Special Select" please indicate if you want this item wire brushed/polished or if you prefer it with the original dull/un-cleaned finish.


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