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Original French WWI Model 1870 Enlisted Trooper’s Cuirassier Helmet with Horsehair Tail

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a magnificent, unaltered example of a Model 1870 French Cuirassier Enlisted Trooper's Helmet from the World War I period. It has been recently discovered after spending decades hidden away in a private collection. The helmet is constructed from durable steel and adorned with exquisite brass fittings, which give it a regal appearance. A striking black horse hair tail adds to the helmet's majestic look. Despite being used and stored for many years, the helmet's original leather liner and visor linings have survived somewhat intact, although they do show signs of wear that only add to the helmet's character. This is an exceptional piece of history that offers a glimpse into the past and is sure to impress collectors and history enthusiasts alike.

The Helmet features a Tall Brass Cimier with the "Medusa head" emblem to the front. Period Black horse mane on top and back of the helmet. There is a small size stamp on the back, stating size 55.

The Helmet "bandeau" is the French Grenade surrounded by laurel leaves. Both original chin scales remain attached to the helmet and even has the original leather strap which affixed both sides together! There is some minor issues with the leather portion of the chinstrap. Where the buckle meets in the front, the leather has become so deteriorated and is literally hanging on by a thread. Handle this helmet with ease.

The helmet most likely dates from the First World War. The helmet does exhibit some slight wear to the exterior, with browned oxidation throughout on the exterior. The brass fittings have mellowed to a very pleasing patinated coloration as well. It is a stunning looking helmet and is original in every way. This could be cleaned up slightly if one so desired, but we figured we would offer the helmet in “as found” untouched condition.

Whether it be from the Franco/Prussian War of 1870-71 period or the Great War of 1914/1918. Ready for display!

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