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Original British Napoleonic Era Silver Rum Punch Ladle Marked to Capt. W. Hawkes of the 60th Regiment - 1804 London Hallmarked

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Original Item: One of a kind. We just received this lovely rum punch ladle out of an old collection, and it came to us as is, totally unresearched and fresh to the market. While normally associated with use in the Royal Navy, rum punch and other finer libations were also enjoyed in the officer's mess of the British army as well. They used the same baleen "whale bone" handled silver ladles that the Navy did. This looks to have seen use during the Napoleonic period, and bears not only London Hallmarks, but also a name AND regiment! The bottom of the silver bowl is engraved:


A ✣ C

There are also Hallmarks on the inside of the bowl, which are relatively worn and only partially legible. However comparison to known examples and hallmark tables shows that these are the "Lion" Sterling Standard Mark, the "Crowned Leopard's Head" for London, the "King George" duty mark, and a capital letter "I /i" in a stylized rectangle. The letter marking is the clearest, and it indicates production in 1804, right in period for the Napoleonic Wars AND the war of 1812. With both a name AND a regiment, this is a piece that is RIPE for further research!

The Silver Ladle measures about 14 3/4 in length and has a 9 3/42“ long "Baleen" twisted grip from a whale, with a silver end fitting. In fine fully usable condition, the Baleen stem showing just a bit of wear.

Ready to add to your Napoleonic / War of 1812 display, or even serve!

History of the 60th (Royal American) Regiment

The regiment was raised in the American colonies in 1756 as the 62nd (Royal American) Regiment to defend the thirteen colonies against attack by the French and their Native American allies. The unit was made up mostly of colonists. It was then RE-TITLED in February as the 60th (Royal American) Regiment in February 1757 after two other regiments surrendered during the war. They took parts in the French & Indian Wars (Known as the Seven Years War in Europe) of 1756-1763. They fought at the Battle of Louisburg in 1758 and at Quebec in 1759. They were then posted to the British West Indies but returned during the Revolutionary War and fought at the Battle of Bear Creek and the Siege of Savannah in 1779.

During the Napoleonic Wars, the regiment saw action in the Peninsular War. The first four battalions had been raised as regular line battalions, but in 1797 a 5th battalion had been raised on Barbados, with additional companies formed on the Isle of Wight, and equipped entirely with rifles. The troops of the 5th battalion were so effective that Sir Arthur Wellesley recommended their use to the divisional commanders describing them as the "most useful, active and brave troops in the field".

A 7th battalion was raised specifically for service in the American War of 1812.

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