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German WWII Tent Quarter & Poncho Zeltbahn Oak Pattern Camouflage Reversible

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New Made Item: Copied from and original in the IMA collection this zeltbahn is constructed of durable water-repellent cotton canvas with strong stitching, reinforced button holes, aluminum buttons, aluminum grommets and even comes complete with two leather securing straps like the originals.

Zeltbahn or German Army Tent Quarter was a multi-purpose piece of German army regulation equipment that was issued to Wehrmacht soldiers during WWII. This piece of camouflaged material could be combined with three other to make a tent, or other quantities to construct shelters of various sizes, it was also used for camouflage, as a poncho, a carry bag, or even a stretcher. Ours comes with reversible German Army Oak pattern and holes with buttons to put two or more together just like the originals.

Historically, the Zeltbahn 31 was developed in 1931 and found its origin in the square Reichswehr tent. It was made of a water repellent material called Makostoff and is imprinted with a camouflage pattern which is also known as Army Splinter Pattern (Heeres Splitter Muster 31), another phrase used was: Buntfarbenaufdruck.

Note: The fabric used on the reversible camouflage is only surface dyed, as there is a different pattern on each side. We do not recommend washing them as the dye is very easily rubbed away. Do not wash in water, dryclean only: Petroleum Solvent, do not bleach. There is a care label on the plastic packaging for each of these, as we cannot attach a label to the zeltbahn without it being visible.

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