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German WWII Breda M37 MG Feed Strips (German 8mm) in Stenciled Chest

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Original Item: The Italian Model 37 Machine Gun was considered the finest Italian Machine Gun of WW2 (See "Small Arms of the World" by W.H.B. Smith. 10th Edition pages 491/492.) The weapon provided both quality and reliability at a time when the whole world was descending into chaos. Italy, under Mussolini, chose to join  Germany and later together with the Japanese formed what history refers to as "THE AXIS POWERS".

Due to the pressures of war the Germans produced and used many "foreign" made weapons from occupied countries, the most notable being Czech and Belgian. Additionally, great quantities of Italian arms were also produced in German military calibers for ease of German use. The Model 37 Breda was no exception and was issued to Italian troops in 8mm Breda AND in 7.92mm x 57mm commonly referred to as 8mm German for German units. Here for the Collector we offer Original WW2 military surplus Breda Machine Gun feed strips in the German 7.92mm x 57mm caliber (12 strips) in an original steel bound wooden transit chest with leather carry handles.

To denote that these are in the "German" caliber each chest has a newly applied but aged Desert Tan Eagle over Swas emblem painted on the front panel for speedy identification, one could speculatively argue for use in North Africa after the British had routed the Italians and the AfrikaKorps had to come to the rescue. These Feed strips alone have been offered previously for $ 5.00 each however here we offer Original WW2 Transit Chests each containing 12 Original WW2 Feed Strips in 8mm German caliber with the addition of the newly applied aged Desert Tan Eagle and Swas identification marking for a very reasonable price. It will look great in any German WW2 display!

The dimensions of the chest are 9.5 inches wide, 11.5 inches tall, and 4.75 inches deep.

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