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German WWII Black Leather Belt with Steel Heer (Army) Buckle

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New Made Item: New Made Item: Standard issue black leather belt for the German Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Soldier in WWII. Worn with both garrison and combat equipment. These fine quality reproductions are copied directly from originals in the IMA collection.

The belt is constructed of genuine top-grain leather finished on both sides and complete with authentic heavy linen stitching. The Wehrmacht Heer belt buckle is struck from a die created through copying originals in the IMA collection. These buckles are well crafted and authentic down to small details. Made of steel. Known as a field buckle or Koppelschloss.


Width: 1.75 Inches (4.5cm)

Thickness: 3-4mm

Designed to be worn over the tunic and sits high up on the waist (not down by the hips) please order at least 2-4 inches more than your actual waist size. Belts are adjustable approximately 2.5 inches in either direction.

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