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German WWII 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment in Normandy Paratrooper M38 Helmet- Size 59cm

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New Made Item: A very high quality reproduction of an extremely rare WWII German Combat Steel Helmet known as the FALLSCHIRMJAGER. This reproduction was copied directly from an original in the IMA collection.

History of the 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment in Normandy:

- Formed in 1943 from members of the 2FJ, the unit was training in France in June of 1944

- Located at the Carentan Peninsula, which was very near the D-Day drop zone of the US 101st Airborne Paratroopers

- The unit was the first responder to the US paratroop drop the evening before D-Day

- Due to their tenacity, they were forever known as the Lions of Carentan

- After severe fighting, the unit fell back and got caught in the battles at the Falaise Pocket.

- This helmet represents one that was worn by one of those famous Lions of Carentan. The unit served for the last year of the war but created a name that will last through time

Complete with heavy stitched tan genuine leather liner, correctly cross-stitched through the center showing replicated war time ink stamps that read-

Karl Heister

Berlin C2


As well as-

Kopfweite 59 or Kopfweite 59


Along with the proper blue/grey leather harness chinstrap affixed to an aluminum liner band with rubber liner padding. The shell is a large size (68) and constructed of 16-gauge steel, is the correct shape and proportion with neatly rolled rim. The helmet is only available in one size that fits up to size 59 (7 3/8 inches)

An original of this helmet will sell for thousands so this high quality reproduction will fill a hole in almost any WWII collection!

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