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Original Japanese WWII Battle Damaged Aluminum Canteen Dated with Canvas Carrier

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a lovely aluminum canteen with original "Model A" Aluminum and cork stopper. This was the first type of stopper used with this model canteen, a carry over from the earlier smaller canteen, which was replaced by this model in 1930.

The canteen is arsenal marked on the bottom under the strap, and is stamped but is difficult to make out. This appears to be an early WWII canteen though, and the double buckle leather loop for the stopper was not introduced until 1940. It is possible that this is an earlier canteen that was then placed into a later carrier. Definitely some great research potential here. The canteen body does have multiple round impact marks from small arms and the possibility of shrapnel damage. Whether the soldier was wearing the canteen when it was struck or if it was subject to a Marine zeroing his weapon, we are unsure but it is still lovely nonetheless!

The web harness is in good condition, with the expected fading and wear from being in long service. There are some faded ink stamp markings on the fixed end of the shoulder strap, which we unfortunately cannot read. The leather strap that retains the canteen and stopper is somewhat worn and shrunken and does have some cracking present.

This is a wonderful canteen that comes more than ready for display!

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