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Original Imperial Japanese WWII Imperial Army Battlefield Pick Up Relics From Guam - 4 Items

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Original Items: Only One Lot of 4 Available. The Battle of Guam (21 July–10 August 1944) was the American recapture of the Japanese-held island of Guam, a U.S. territory in the Mariana Islands captured by the Japanese from the United States in the First Battle of Guam in 1941 during the Pacific campaign of World War II. The battle was a critical component of Operation Forager. The recapture of Guam and the broader Mariana and Palau Islands campaign resulted in the destruction of much of Japan's naval air power at the Battle of the Philippine Sea (on June 19–20, 1944) and allowed the United States to establish large airbases from which it could bomb the Japanese home islands with its new strategic bomber, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress.

The Items In This Lot:
- x2 Type 92 Tetsubo Combat Helmet Fragments: The Imperial Japanese Army was the official ground based armed force of Imperial Japan from 1871 to 1945. It was controlled by the Imperial Army General Staff Office and the Ministry of War, both of which were nominally subordinate to the Emperor of Japan as supreme commander of the army and the navy. Later an Inspectorate General of Military (Army) Aviation, became the third agency with oversight over the army. During wartime or national emergencies, the nominal command functions of the emperor would be centralized in an Imperial General Headquarters (IGHQ), an ad-hoc body consisting of the chief and vice chief of the Army General Staff, the minister of war, the chief and vice chief of the Naval General Staff, the inspector general of military aviation, and the inspector general of military training. The Japanese Tetsubo, also colloquially called the tetsukabuto ("steel helmet") by troops, was a mainstay of the Imperial Japanese Army from its creation in 1932. Its construction from inferior chrome-molybdenum steel limited its ability to protect the wearer from gunfire or shrapnel.

The two fragments serve as reminders of the horrors of war. The pieces show sign of battle damage and appears as if they were “shattered”, more than likely during a bombing mission. The larger of the two pieces, surprisingly enough, still has the 5 pointed star on the front and some remnants of paint on the shell.

- x2 Aluminum Canteens: Both examples are lovely in their own way. The unpainted one appears to have been “melted” or just shattered under immense pressure. The 2nd canteen retains much of the original paint and has denting all over the body with very small holes. The bottom of the painted canteen still retains arsenal stamps.

All items come more than ready to display!

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