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Original WWII German 2nd Model Naval Dagger with Lightning Bolt Scabbard by Paul Weyersberg

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Original Item: Only One Available. We just purchased this fine dagger from a private auction. It is a fine Solingen-Produced totally original WWII German 2nd Model Naval Dagger by the well-known firm Paul Weyersberg, complete with the original gold-plated "lightning bolt" style brass scabbard. This example has a rare aluminum pommel eagle, and shows wear consistent with long service. It has the standard double fullered blade, though this example is not etched or nickel plated.

This example was almost certainly purchased by a naval officer during the Pre WWII or Early War period, as indicated by the maker logo and the aluminum pommel eagle. It has very deeply inset wings and an impressive vaulted wreath. The details to this bird are also choice, with a striking eye, beak and breast. Like many of the aluminum eagles, this one has cracks on the sides, which extend deep into the pommel. This is typical, as over time the metal structure releases stress, resulting in the cracks.

The crossguard is the standard brass type, and retains all of the details well. The celluloid covered wood grip is in good condition with a bit of age, and some surface cracks and staining, which shows the wood in one area . However, it still has a great ivory color, which hasn't faded to orange like so many do. It still has the original twisted wire wrapping, which is fully intact. Scabbard locking button is fully functional, and also in great shape.

The blade is in good condition, but does show wear from cleaning. As is correct, it has a factory "blunt" edge on the sides of the blade. The tip is missing a bit, and there is a bit of bending. The finish overall is good, but worn, which has made the original factory machine marks faint. However it has no major rust, and only light staining in areas.

The reverse ricasso is stamped with PAUL WEYERSBERG / & Co. / SOLINGEN with an oval around it. This indicates manufacture by Paul Weyersberg of Solingen, the legendary "City of Blades" in western Germany. This is a marking used during the Pre-War and Early War years, and was also seen on Police bayonets and DRP swords. The company was one of many in Solingen owned by members of the Weyersberg family. The company survived the war, but ceased production in 1955. For more information please see GERMAN KNIFE AND SWORD MAKERS by J. Anthony Carter.

The "lightning bolt" scabbard is mostly straight, but does have some significant dents, especially about 2 inches from the bottom. These do not interfere with the blade entering the scabbard. It is stamped with well-defined palmettes around the bands and lightning bolts, ermine feet and acanthus leaves down to the bottom chappe. The bands feature overlapping oak leaves and acorns. The ring ferrules are the triple serrated type, and the rings are still present. The throat is retained by two dome headed screws on the narrow sides, which do not appear to have been removed. The finish overall is mostly bright brass, with the gold plating worn away in many areas. It looks to have flaked off in parts, as the brass base metal oxidized.

Overall a very nice example of a hard to find dagger by a well known maker! A worthy addition to any knife collection. Ready to display!

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