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Original Belgian 9mm Vigneron SMG 32 Round Magazine (MP 40 Display Magazine)

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Original Item: Original German MP 40 Sub Machine Gun magazines have become hard to find, they were never easy to get but now it is more difficult than ever. You can spot them easily in that the majority, not all, have those vertical groves running the length of the magazine which every WW2 Collector knows cries "Come and get me!" If you are lucky, you can get surplus examples for $60 to even $100. In Europe much higher and really good examples are well over $ 100.00. So, what to do today with all those replicated magazine pouches each calling for three magazines each? Stuff them with newspaper? Both Collector's and Re-enactors have a problem.

Well as you probably are aware after WW2 the Belgians produced a rather smart SMG known as a Vigneron which used what appeared to be an MP 40 Magazine duplicate, but not quite. This 32 round 9mm magazine looks identical even with the vertical grooves, however, it is marked on the bottom stick face "VIG" and the top of the magazine box, the part that inserts into the Magazine housing, is just slightly oversize. Although apparently identical to the traditional WW2 MP 40 Magazine the Vigneron magazine is fitted with a WW2 Sten type floor plate but in other respects appears nearly identical. The width of the MP 40 Magazine is 0.906" whereas the Vigneron Magazine is 0.914", the length of the MP 40 Magazine is 1.362" whereas the Vigneron Magazine is 1.382". These are very small differences but STOP interchangeability without MINOR ALTERATION, for those who would wish to actually insert them into an MP 40 SMG.

Having said all that; these are ideal for display in pouches etc and can fill a void at an affordable cost. IMA is pleased to offer Original Military Vigneron (MP 40 look alike magazines) in very good to excellent condition.

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