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Original 18th Century German Air Rifle with Wheel Lock Style Stock - Maker Signed

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Original Item: Only One Available. Well this is something truly interesting, which we have never had before! It is signed in scroll letters on the octagonal 31" barrel:

in St. Pölten

Measuring 44 1/2" in overall length, this is a truly exotic early design looking AIR RIFLE. It has a very high quality wood full stock, with maybe the wood nose cap restored, and the weapon is fully brass mounted with exotic multi-finger hold trigger guard. The brass butt plate of heavy brass with with Air container pressure winder located near the butt plate on the right butt cheek. The left butt is carved to provide a substantial cheek piece for the user. The barrel is accessed to the rear by pushing an iron catch directly in front of the trigger guard which allows the barrel to lower at the muzzle thus exposing the bore for inserting the pellet at the rear. The stock itself actually bends slightly when the chamber is open.

The barrel is fitted with a brass front sight and an open rear sight. In addition there is a mounting aperture in brass behind the barrel top to hold a peep sight, however the sight itself is now absent. Under the barrel there is an all steel plain cleaning rod. This rare early AIR RIFLE comes complete with its separate Brass winding key that was included with this rifle. We have not attempted to wind-up the mechanism and discharge it, as it may be nearly 300 years old. We have tried to research the maker in the Austrian city of Sankt Pölten, however we have not found much at all.

In lovely condition a very rare 18th Century German Air Rifle, most impressive and ready to display!

NOTE: BB Guns / Pellet Guns are restricted in many areas in the United States. Please check local laws prior to ordering.

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