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Original German WWII SS Marked Frostbite Salve Tin - 2.5"

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Original Item: With the collapse of the Berlin Wall we all hoped to find great hordes of WWII military treasures for the collector's market. Unfortunately little has been forthcoming. Now from the Winter Offensive on the Russian Front we have found ORIGINAL German SS issue "FROSTSCHUTZSALBE" in original MARKED SS tins. This is what we know today as lip salve which the SS applied to their faces and even their small arms to avoid freezing in the temperatures that fall to -30 /40 in the Russian winter.

Each can is embossed with "FROSTSCHUTZSALBE, WEHRKREISSANITÄTSPARK VI, OSNABRÜCK, SS - PACKUNG" and are filled with a Vaseline type ointment. An interesting and extremely unusual Original Nazi SS military accessory not before encountered. 2 1/2" SS marked tin.

NOTE: We have been gotten reports that internet forums are declaring these tins as "fake". Not true. We purchased thousands of these in early late 1990s (check our catalogs from 1993 where we first advertised these). Someone in Europe or Asia has copied our originals and are now trying to pass them off as genuine.

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