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German WWII Paratrooper M38 Fallschirmjäger Helmet- Splinter Pattern Camouflage- 1943 1FJ Green Devils Alpine Pattern

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New Made Item: Each helmet is hand painted, aged, and crafted by a master WW2 German helmet restorer to look as if it was picked up off the field by a USGI and brought home as a war trophy. Each helmet is one-of-a-kind there will never be one exactly like it making it a true collectors piece.

To make this possible we created the finest FJ reproduction helmet on the market. After all, we weren't happy with our previous offering of the FJ helmet so we went back to the drawing board and came up with what is the finest reproduction for the money on the market; this is a very high quality reproduction of an extremely rare WWII German Combat Steel Helmet known as the "FALLSCHIRMJAGER". This reproduction was copied directly from an original in the IMA collection.

This green four-color camouflage pattern is copied from an original that was used in the Italian Alps in 1943. To their enemies they were among the most feared and respected soldiers of the Third Reich. But more then that they were a totally new weapon that stunned the world, a new threat whose psychological value far outweighed their numbers. They were soldiers from the clouds who appeared suddenly and unexpectedly. They gave birth to Britain's "Red Devils", America's "Screaming Eagles", France's "les Paras" the entire concept of air landing assaults. Their enemies nicknamed them "The Green Devils" (after their baggy smocks). But they called themselves the Fallschirmjäger "Hunter from the Sky".

The German 1st Parachute Division (Fallschirmjägerdivision) was an elite German military parachute-landing division that fought during World War II. A division of paratroopers was termed a Fallschirmjäger Division. For reasons of secrecy, it was originally raised as the 7th Flieger-Division, or Air Division, before being renamed and reorganized as the 1st Fallschirmjäger Division in 1943. For more information visit this link-


This stunning helmet comes complete with heavy stitched tan genuine leather liner, correctly cross-stitched through the center showing replicated wartime ink stamps that read-

Karl Heister

Berlin C2


As well as-

Kopfweite 61

Stahlhaube Nr. 73

Along with the proper blue/grey leather harness chinstrap affixed to an aluminum liner band with rubber liner padding.

The shell is a large size (71) is constructed of 16-gauge steel, is the correct shape and proportion with neatly rolled rim.

The helmet can accommodate head sizes up to US 7 5/8 (61cm).

An original of this helmet will sell for thousands so this high quality reproduction will fill a hole in almost any WWII collection.

This is an IMA exclusive and is not available anywhere else in the USA.

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