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German WWII Army Heer Officer Dagger

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New Made Item: This is not the cheap version out of China. Instead these are high quality steel construction reproduction made exclusively for IMA by one the world’s best edged weapon makers (a contractor to the USMC).

The German Army (Heer) first carried a dagger beginning in 1935. The weapon was worn in lieu of occasions not demanding the wear of a sword. The dagger design was quite attractive featuring silvered heavy fittings with white or colored grip. The crossguard depicted a Wehrmacht open-winged eagle clutching a wreathed swastika. The pommel depicted oak leafing around the outer circumference. The scabbard had panels of pebble designs. Later produced examples were plated with nickel, and late war-made pieces were unplated, finished in a gray color metal. These daggers are often encountered with an aluminum portepee, a decorative tassel wrapped about the grip.

Our fine reproduction features a bright steel blade, nickel-plated steel body, mid-war colored grip, nickel plated fittings and scabbard.

Overall this is a fantastic dagger that is far better quality that any reproduction on the market but at a fraction of the cost of an original.

Note: IMA does not endorse the ideals of the Third Reich. These materials are intended for the use of collectors and re-enactors.

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