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Original German WWII NSDAP Kreisleitung Level Bereichleiter Collar Tab Set with RZM Tag

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Original Item: Only One Available. Here we have a very nice set of NSDAP Kreisleitung (District Leadership) Level Kragenpatten (Collar Flaps). This right and left side pair would be attached to the collar of a Bereichleiter (Region Leader) member of the NSDAP to indicate their position within the organization. The tab are parallelograms with sides measuring approximately 2 1/2" x 1 3/4". They are made with a golden brown velvet material over a buckram stiffener, and have white piping around the outside, correct for Kreis (District) level.

Each has a right facing Reichsadler (National Eagle) at the top, over a two oak leaf device with two acorns at the bottom. These were originally all gilt, however time has led the Zinc Alloy eagles do oxidize completely, losing all of the gilding. The oak leaves are brass, so they still retain a lot of the gold wash, with minor oxidation.

The back of one tab has an RZM label with the correct "B" tax code, which also gives the production information. It is under the attached insignia prongs, so it is definitely original. The collar tabs do not look to have been installed onto a uniform at any time.

Condition of both is good, though they are oxidized. One of the tabs has also had the left acorn break off, which was repaired once in the past with some glue.

A very nice set of NSDAP insignia, ready to add to your collection!

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