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German WWII Eagle Reichsadler Stencil- Large (10.5 x 7)

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New Made Item: Never before offered. IMA has developed an accurate stencil of the Infamous NSDAP Eagle over Swas known as "The Reichsadler". This symbol during the time of NSDAP rule represented NSDAP Germany as a national insignia. It was painted extensively on Ammunition boxes, Wooden Crates, Transport Containers, and anything the Germans wanted identified as official property of the Third Reich. Metal construction, approximate size of symbol: Width (Wing to Wing) 10.5", Height 7". Overall measurements: 11"H x 7 3/4" W. Just perfect for the collector or re-enactor.

Offered for serious collector display purposes only. IMA in no way supports the ideology of the Third Reich.

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