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Original English 1810 Flintlock Convertible Combination Pistol and Fowling Gun by Perry of London in Custom Wood Case

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Circa 1810 this is an amazing multiple combination Flintlock weapon by one of London's premier makers of the day; Perry of London. A combination flintlock which transforms into a three types of firearms: a pistol, a coach blunderbuss and a full length fowling piece. The long barrel also doubles as a walking stick so you can convert it while “on the hunt”. Notable features include
- Beautifully engraved with a silver nickel finish this combination smacks of distinct quality.
- Pistol is 17.5" overall length. Coaching Blunderbuss 25" overall length. Fowling piece is 45" in overall length.
- 26” Damascus barrel gets fitted to the wood pistol grip assembly and neatly becomes a walking stick with a spring-loaded tip.
- In the book BLUNDERBUSSES by D.R. BAXTER published in 1970. Baxter writes on page 33 in detail about "a strange flintlock gun, blunderbuss pistol, life preserver, and walking stick combination". The example photographed in the book is nearly identical to this one.
- Antique custom wood case that was recently converted to fit this combination flintlock and accessories.

A true Gentleman's traveling Blunderbuss that converts into an overcoat pistol for use in the City and then converts into a Fowling Piece while in the Country. Exceptionally rare and desirable this type of Combo Flintlock weapon was only purchased by the gentry and aristocracy. Offered in beautiful restored condition ready to display.
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