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Original Rare British Rifled Flintlock Carbine made by Henry Nock with Internal Lock circa 1800

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Original item: One of a Kind. These flintlock carbines are extremely rare! Made by the famous London Gun Maker HENRY NOCK, it is fitted with his patented internal flintlock mechanism signed H. NOCK. The pan flash guard side cover is engraved with the CROWN over G.R. royal cypher.

This lock plate is known as a "Screwless" lock, in that only the bottom ends of bolts & screws are visible, and the entire lock is secured by just ONE lock bolt entering from the left hand side. This keeps all of the components "internal", including the hammer, frizzen spring, etc, making for a very elegant and clean look. The carbine has been made with a beautifully browned twist steel 30" barrel with an octagonal breech end plug stamped H. NOCK / PATENT.

All brass mounts, butt plate numbered 70, trigger guard, two ramrod pipes and a brass nose cap. No brass side plate ever fitted only a brass cup for the head of the single lock screw. Ring neck cock and complete with its original button head ram rod in place with two sling swivels. There is also a WT stamped in the channel.

The barrel is not rifled in the first 4" of the barrel, and then is deeply rifled all the way back to the touch hole. Apparently this allowed the powder and wadding to be loaded, followed by a lead ball or bullet shaped projectile, which could be introduced into the smooth bore short section of the muzzle without fear of disturbance before being pushed into the rifling behind.

Fine walnut stock in just about perfect condition save for some finish flaking on the left cheek which can easily be rectified. Untouched, offered just as we received it.

A real peach, completely fresh to the market. In very fine condition and hugely rare this is ready to display!


Years of Manufacture: c.1800
Caliber: .69" Musket
Ammunition Type: Lead Ball & Powder
Barrel Length: 30 inches
Overall Length: 46 inches
Action: Flintlock
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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