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Original British Brass Barrel Fur-Trade Pistol Imported by Hodgson & Thompson Converted to Percussion - circa 1800

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Original Item: Only One Available. Specifically produced in England for the North American Fur Trade, these Trade pistols were intended for the use of the Trappers and the Native American population as well. The lock on this example is marked Hodgson & Thompson, who are listed in Frank Seller's book AMERICAN GUNSMITHS, as an importer of flintlock pistols based in Baltimore, Maryland. These would be imported with blank locks, and were marked by the distributor. It also faintly marked London on the top of the barrel.

The pistol has all brass mounts, measuring 11 inches in overall length, and the brass barrel measures 7 3/4" and is about .58 bore. It still has the original ramrod, though we are not currently able to remove it from the stock. The barrel bears Pre-1813 proof markings from the city of Birmingham, which included two CROWN / CROSSED SCEPTERS proofs and an IR maker mark. The lock is functional, but the main spring is definitely a bit weak, and it does not hold firmly at half cock.

These were widely distributed to the Native populations in both the United States and Canada during the early years after the revolutionary war. They also saw much use by Trappers, and a very economical upgrade was to convert to the percussion cap system, which was far more resistant to weather issues, as well as much faster on the reload. The pistol was probably converted in the 1840s, and the mounts for the frizzen spring, frizzen, and pan can still be seen on the lock plate.

In nice display condition, just what one would have expected to see on the North American frontier! 


Year of Manufacture: circa 1800
Caliber: .58" Pistol
Ammunition Type: Lead Ball & Powder with percussion cap
Barrel Length: 7 3/4 inches
Overall Length: 11 inches
Action: Percussion Side Action
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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