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Original Belgian Vigneron M2 Display Submachine Gun with Magazine

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Original Items: Very Few Available. Just found during a recent warehouse cleanout! These are lovely Belgian Vigneron M2 display submachine guns, built using all original parts, attached to a BATF approved solid aluminum display receivers, making these 100% legal display Machine guns. As the receiver is a complete inert fabricated aluminum piece, these display guns are totally legal to own without a license of any kind.

Each still retains a functional telescoping wire butt stock, and comes complete with an original magazine (deactivated where required). These have been repainted using our lovely gunmetal gray paint, as most of the original paint was worn away. Markings Vary.

A great chance to pick up a lovely example of a mid 20th century Belgian design!

The Vigneron submachine gun was developed during early fifties by the officer of the Belgian army and produced by Belgian company Precision Liegoise SA. It was adopted by Belgian army in 1953, and saw some combat in then-Belgian Congo. Vigneron submachine gun was quite conventional in design and appearance, borrowing design aspect from many earlier submachine guns. For example the extendable but stock was copied from the U.S. M3 Grease Gun, the Barrel is finned resembling a Thompson 1928A1, the front sight resembles a German MP44, the blowback bolt action was based on the German MP 40 and is also in 9mm Parabellum.

The Vigneron M1 was designed by a retired Belgian army Colonel, Georges Vigneron, and officially adopted by the Belgian army in 1953.

The first series of Vignerons was manufactured by the Societe Anonyme Precision Liegeoise in Herstal. Some parts were subcontracted to the State Arsenal at Rocourt in Liège, who eventually began making complete guns. Other Vignerons were fabricated by the company Ateliers de Fabrications Electriques et Metalliques or AFEM in Brussels. An unconfirmed story says that the CMH inscription on the grip means Compagnie de Manufacture Herstal and this company is supposed to have made the plastic lower receiver.

The first model Vigneron was made until serial number 21300 in 1954.

The M2 version was an improvement in several ways: a front sight protector was installed, a rear sight notch was used instead of a peep sight, the dust cover closing spring was made stronger

The 9mm Vigneron submachine gun is blowback operated, selective fired weapon which fires from open bolt. Fire mode selector / safety switch is located on the left side of the grip, just behind the trigger. It is interesting that in full automatic mode short pull on the trigger will still, produce single shots, and only a long pull will produce full automatic fire. Additional automated safety is built into the backstrap of the pistol grip. Cocking handle is located on the left side of the receiver, and is stationary when gun is fired. Ejection port has a spring-loaded dust cover. Barrel is relatively long and has two ports just behind the front sight base, which serve as a muzzle rise compensator. Sights are fixed, with rear aperture set for 50 meters range. Stock is made from steel wire and is retractable, with several positions so shooter can adjust it to his own preferences.

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