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Original German WWII Minensuchboot 1935 Named Bootsman Hans Krupsky Medals Documents and Photos Collection

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Original items: One-of-a-kind Set. This collection of original WWII documents, photos and medals belonged to Bootsman Hans Krupsky who served for the entirety of World War Two in the German Kriegsmarine as a crewman aboard a Minensuchboot 1935 (Mine Sweeper).

In the mid 1930s, the minesweeping flotillas of the Kriegsmarine consisted of old ships build in World War I. To replace this old ships, a class of modern minesweepers, the "Mboot35" was designed.

The result was a very maneuverable and seaworthy ship exceeding the expectations. Heavily armed those ships were often called "Channel Destroyers" by the British during World War II.  Despite the successful design, several factors  prevented that a large number of ships were build during the war. The boats were very expensive and complicated to build, therefore a more simple design had to be developed (which later got the Minensuchboot 1940). The engines were difficult to maintain and needed specially skilled personal which was not available in the required numbers. Since the Mboot35 had oil fired boilers, they also suffered from the oil shortage in the later years of the war.

A total of 69 ships were build in eight different shipyards, 34 were lost during the war. After the war, 17 were taken over by the US Navy, 5 by the Royal Navy and 13 by the Soviet Navy which all were used in the Black Sea until the 1960s. Five of the ships taken over by the USA were returned to Germany in 1956/57 and were used by the Bundesmarine.

Included with this personal collections are hundreds of pages of original documents including award documents for Kriegsmarine Minesweeper Badge with Named Award Document, EKI Award Document, EKII Award document, official orders, dozen of hand written latter with WWII post marked envelopes, dozens of period photos most with names, dates and locations on the reverse and so much more!
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