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British Webley MK IV Revolver 38/200- Display Non-Firing Pistol

Item: AMP1940

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A fantastic replica! Correct weight, "breaks open", and even has functional trigger with rotating cylinder.

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New Made Item: This is a fantastic true to scale/weight replica of the official service pistol for the British military during the Second World War; the Webley Mk IV in .38/200. This non-functioning inert reproduction features an operational trigger, hammer, rotating cylinder and even “breaks” open for “reloading”! Metal construction except for the grips, which are plastic.

The Webley Revolver (also known as the Webley Break-Top Revolver or Webley Self-Extracting Revolver) was, in various marks, the standard issue service pistol for the armed forces of the United Kingdom, the British Empire, and the Commonwealth from 1887 until 1963.

The Webley is a top-break revolver with automatic extraction. That is, breaking the revolver open for reloading also operates the extractor. This removes the spent cartridges from the cylinder. In 1887, the British Army was searching for a revolver to replace the largely unsatisfactory Enfield Mk I & Mk II Revolvers, and Webley & Scott, who were already very well known makers of quality guns and had sold many pistols on a commercial basis to military officers and civilians alike, tendered the .455 calibre Webley Self-Extracting Revolver for trials. The military was suitably impressed with the revolver (it was seen as a vast improvement over the Enfield revolvers then in service, which lacked a practical extraction system), and it was adopted on 8 November 1887 as the "Pistol, Webley, Mk I". The Webley revolver went through a number of changes, culminating in the Mk VI, which was in production between 1915 and 1923. The large .455 Webley revolvers were retired in 1947, although the Webley Mk IV .38/200 remained in service until 1963 alongside the Enfield No. 2 Mk I revolver.

Will look fantastic in an original issue British WW2 holster, available from IMA, and can easily complete any WWII collection without the requirement of possessing a firearms license.

Original WWII Holsters (in photos) are available seperatley.

Overall: 10-1/4" long & 5-1/2" tall
Barrel: 5"
Wt: 2 lb

WARNING- There is a tiny spring/ball bearing mechanism that is used to keep the cylinder cycling one chamber at time. Be very careful when you "break open" the gun as this two part mechanism has been known to come apart from the pistol. Once loose, due to the small size of these parts, they can be difficult to locate. Reinstalling these parts is simple, but if you lose them, at this time, we have no replacement springs or ball bearings. We are working on getting some. Furthermore, returns/exchanges for this problem will not be honored as all pistols are tested and inspected prior to shipment to make sure these two parts are present and the replica gun is fully functional.
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Legal Information
This item is completely legal within the USA. International Military Antiques, Inc observes all Federal, State and Local laws. Everything for sale on is completely legal to own, trade, transport and sell within the United States of America. Every display machinegun and machine gun parts set and gun sold by IMA, Inc is engineered to be inoperable according to guidelines provided by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF).

Muzzle of barrel has RED PLUG as required by US LAW. Not available for export or in some US locations. This is a replica display gun that can never be engineered to fire a live round therefore no license of any kind is required to purchase this item.

Imitation New Made Inert Gun Laws:-
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1. In conjunction with a frame or presentation box; or
2. Solely for export in interstate or foreign commerce; or
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Replicas of antique firearms (pre-1898) are allowed. We will only ship replicas of modern firearms (post-1898) to theatrical, re-enactment, military, police or other government accounts.