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Original French Foreign Legion 9mm Pistol Holster

Item: XF1050

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Original Item: Modeled on the German WW2 P-38 Pistol Holster these are official French Military Semi automatic pistol holsters adopted and made immediately after WW2 for use with P-38 Pistols, followed by the 9mm MAC P50 pistol adopted in 1953 and the 9mm MAB PA15 Pistol adopted in 1966.

Used condition these have their original desert finish, each holster has a spare magazine pouch and suspension fittings for a lower hang from the waist belt and has a reinforced leg thong hole. A super find in great condition, an Authentic military holster that accepts so many different 9mm pistols used by the French Foreign Legion.

All show long storage wear so a very good cleaning is required!
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