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German M-1916 Coal Scuttle Stahlhelm Steel Helmet: WWI

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New Made Item: When Germany entered WWI in 1914, troops still wore the leather spiked helmets known as "Pickelhaulben" which proved no protection what so ever. After two years of trials, and terrible losses, the German Army adopted this M-1916 Steel STAHLHELM. Larger than its Nazi descendant of 1935, this WWI version was often referred to as the "Coal Scuttle" helmet. Offered in German WWI camo paint finish, each helmet is fitted with two Ventilation horns (studs) onto which the heavy steel brow plate for Snipers and Machine Gunners could be hung for added protection. These new made helmets come complete with ventilated leather lining and with chin strap. Original German WWI helmets are very hard to find today so here is your chance to add to your WWI display. (center illustration) See "History of the German Steel Helmet 1916-1945" by Ludwig Baer page 29 bottom illustration.

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