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British Lewis Machine Gun Bipod Mk III

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Original Item: The Lewis light machine gun was issued in very large quantities during WW1 and WW2. Of the numerous mounting schemes that were developed, by far the most popular was the モMount, Field, .303-inch Lewis Gun, Mark III.ヤ It consists of a mounting band that encircles the barrel jacket and two folding legs. The legs are adjustable for length and include folding モshoesヤ that prevents the legs from sinking into soft earth. The legs are held in the folded position by a simple spring clamp.

An interesting feature of the bipod is the channel for the gas regulator key in the lower part of the barrel jacket band. The channel was made extra wide to allow the gun to be tilted over a range of 36 degrees when used on uneven ground. This allows the gunner to keep the sights vertical.

These bipods are very rare. IMA has uncovered a few of them. They look pretty grungy from long, dirty storage, but clean up nicely. The top of the mounting band is nicely marked


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OFFERED IN AS FOUND UNTOUCHED CONDITION. May show minor surface rust in areas and be overall dirty.
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