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British East India Company Bengal Irregular Cavalry Saber

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Original Item: Manufactured sometime between 1800-1850. Recovered from the mountain kingdom of Nepal are these Brass Hilted curved Cavalry Sabers issued to Bengal Irregular Cavalry Troopers; the other ranks (privates) of which were Sepoys (Native Troops) led by British Officers.

In 1857, Britain's East India Company's Indian Army mutinied (known as the Sepoy Rebellion) which took more than a year to quell with newly deployed troops from Britain and much help from Britain's Gurkha regiments. After final defeat many Rebels fled to the mountain Kingdom of Nepal for safety from the vengeful British. Included were entire Sepoy Regiments including Bengal and Scinde Irregular Cavalry units. Through an agreement with Britain these

soldiers were disarmed by the Gurkha troops who kept the weapons, but the agreement to hang all rebels was overlooked accounting today for the high percentage of Indian descendants living in Nepal.

This standard Sepoy Cavalryman's Saber has a solid brass hilt with single knuckle bow and ribbed grip mounted on a wicked curved saber blade. Sadly, Scabbards were never recovered. This is an extremely interesting Cavalry Saber with excellent historical provenance. Again, these are original dating from the first half of the 19th Century (1800-1850). Very Few Available.
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